Sport Scholarships in America

An athletic scholarship provides financial support for young, talented athletes. This gives them the opportunity to receive a first-class education while further developing their athletic skills. 

What are the benefits? 

Studying abroad can be frightening and very expensive. With the help of an athletic scholarship, talented athletes can fulfil their dreams of getting a great education, while competing on a very high athletic level. An athletic scholarship can cover up to a 100% of the university tuition.

What are the challenges?

Receiving a sportscholarship is very limited, since playing for a university team is a big dream of high school students. There are only around 2% of students at American universities that are getting financial support through an athletic scholarship. The application process is therefore very strict and can be confusing. It takes a lot of time and knowledge to keep an overview of the different tasks, while trying to get the highest possible scholarship you deserve.

Study in the USA

Why study in America?

Academic Advantages:

  • Learn to speak and write English fluently
  • The combination of academics and athletics at the highest level is unique to the United States
  • Choose the degree that suits you best and obtain a prestigious international degree
  • Make your first international experience and get to know a different culture
  • Establish an international network on and off campus
  • Work out first-class job prospects for your future
College Sport USA

Why play college sports?

Athletic Advantages:

  • You are part of a highly competitive sports team 
  • Travel and compete with your team all over the United States
  • Benefit from first-class training facilities and professional coaching
  • Very good medical care is at your disposal
  • Improve your athletic level and achieve top performances 
  • Experience the enthusiasm for college sports and be part of a community that will accompany you for the rest of your life

Costs to study in the United States

The average recurring cost per academic year without a scholarship is approximately $40,000. An athletic scholarship can cover most of these costs, depending on the initial situation.

Tuition $25'000

Insurance $1'000

Living Expenses $10'000

Books $1'500

Fees $2'000

One-time Application Fees $1'000