Our Service Packages

We offer our services in service packages so that we meet the different needs.
Choose the service package that suits you best.


We evaluate your chances for an athletic scholarship, give you an overview of the immediate next steps in a personal meeting and assist you with all your questions during the application process. 


We create your player profile and contact the universities with your dossier. The communication with the coaches is handled by us and we support you in the full application process. Our analysis of the offers will help you to choose the right university.


In addition to the services already mentioned, we take over the entire application process for you. You don't have to worry about formal registrations and applications nor about the resulting costs. We make sure that the application deadlines are monitored and met accordingly.


Besides the previously mentioned services, we also support you in the academic preparation for the upcoming tests and translate your documents & certificates. During your studies in the United States, we will assist you with any questions you might have or be of help in case of a potential university transfer.

Service Package Comparison

The scope of our services varies according to the service package selected. The following comparison gives you an overview of the scope of services per service package.