Ymke Brouwer

Hi Ymke, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! How are you feeling right at the start of your first NCAA season? You must be ready to get started after missing the first year due to injury. What are the goals for the first season?

I am very excited about this season! Although I am still not cleared to play (due to an injury), I look forward to getting one percent better every day this season. I am not too nervous since I won’t be playing right from the start of the season. Rather than nervous, I would say I am excited to see how it feels like to play at such a competitive level. 


You grew up in Switzerland and played there all the way through high school. You must notice some substantial differences between the US and Switzerland, both athletically and culturally. What aspects should other young athletes consider if they want to follow in your footsteps? 

There are indeed a lot of differences, both culturally and athletically. The players here are way more athletic. If you think you are athletic in Switzerland, you are probably around average in the States. 

I experienced that first hand. I used to be one of the most athletic players in Switzerland, but in the States, I am about average. Which was hard to adapt to since I could not rely on my athleticism as much as I used to. 

The main cultural difference that was hard for me to adapt to was the food. I definitely still prefer food from home compared to the States. 

What do you miss most about Switzerland when you are in the States? 

My family, friends, food, and the convenience of living in a big city without needing a car to go to most places.

What advice would you give to other young basketball players who dream of playing in college? 


If you think you are working hard enough, there is probably still someone out there who is working harder. Never be satisfied with the minimum. Always strive for the maximum. Finally, it will not be easy, but if you have a goal and are determined to achieve it, anything is possible. 

What are your goals going forward, both on and off the court? 


My current goal is that I want to successfully rehabilitate from my injury and start playing again. In the future, I would love to play professionally overseas or in the WNBA. In the end, I just want to be happy and don’t take life too seriously.

Thank you very much, Ymke! We wish you and your team all the best for the season and hope that all your goals come true!